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Looking to be featured for a guest blog post on a news based website. Here is a great deal for you. Guest blog posting sites are always a good option for content writers to improve your portfolio. Our traffic and website ranking is improving day by day. We offer guest blogging opportunities to the growing startup’s, bloggers and writers to share their views with a fastest growing community like us.

In the world of top guest blogging sites, our name has shown immense growth in the past 3 months. Our whole idea is to provide guest bloggers a platform where not only they get to share their writings but also gain a good reputation in the blogging community worldwide. You should not wait for anybody else to reach us out. You can do it right away by pitching us with your guest post idea.

We are always interested in becoming a source of knowledge for our audience base and make sure they get the right information:

Website Statistics

We have a regular growing number of traffic and statistics based on our hard work. It’s all being done to bring out the best information possible for our audiences. Primarily our stats are US based as we are a US-based website:

Guest Blog Post Submission Guidelines:

All guest blogging sites have some submission criteria, which they follow for approving any article. Therefore, here are the submission guidelines for

Pitch Email and subject: Make sure that when you pitch us out with a proper idea with a proper subject and the list of quality guest posts that you have published on other sites previously. Other than that, you can make your pitch stand out with anything you feel is unique.

Title topics: For a submission to be successful, the first pitch should contain at least 2-3 topics, which are unique and trending. It has to be related to our major categories like technology, business, beauty & fashion, health & fitness, travel, and sports. Also if you could a brief blog introduction with the topic, would be great.

Original Writing: We never allow plagiarized writing or content to featured on thedailyheap. Therefore, if you are sending us an article for review. It should be Copyscape cleared. Otherwise, you will be banned from getting any blog post here.

SEO keyword optimization: While you are writing the article on an approved topic make sure you have your good keywords having high volume and low competition with higher chances of ranking in search engines. If you have not optimized the focus and variable keywords we won’t be able to entertain you further.

Content word count: As far as the title and the topic justify the articles, it will be fine. Otherwise, a minimum of 1200 word count is what we accept for featured posts.

Linking: It is important that when you write your article you do internal linking to existing blogs at thedailyheap. In addition, you can do outbound linking to high authority and Edu blogs for reference too. Only informational links are acceptable for outbound.

SEO Title and Meta description: Make sure that you send us a well written and SEO title (60 – 70 characters max) and Meta description (160-170 characters max) with focus and variable keywords used in exact and broad match.

Sponsored post:If you are looking for promoting or linking your brand link in the article or a paid guest post with link in the author’s bio. We will charge you a fixed amount of $60.

Rich Media: You are more than welcome to add relevant rich media including images, gifs, and video embedded links within the article but do provides against each one of them.

Short sentence and paragraphs: It matters that you read a user-oriented approach and it is better for readability and SEO optimization that shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs are written.

Editorial Rights: Every post submission goes through a rigorous check with our editorial team. Our team reserves the right of editing and removing links as subject to our terms and conditions.

Queries to find us easily

We have listed down some queries for you to find us or reach us out easily:

fashion + “write for us” + guest post

travel blogs “write for us”

How to send us your pitch?

It is simple. We only like direct and clear pitch ideas as we are one of the blogs that accept guest posts based on their quality. So, make sure that you have all the points for a successful submission fulfilled.

We have a standard response time of 1-2 days. Therefore, if your pitch is accepted you will get a response right away from our editorial staff with further instructions.

Contact ID: [email protected] use this contact to submit your pitch:


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the bloggers:

Q. Do you accept sponsored banner ads on your site?

Ans. Yes,we do accept them but you will need to reach us out first with your details of your site. We do not accept any foul niche ads on our site. Nor we endorse them.

Q. Do you accept free submissions on your site?

Ans. Yes we do accept submissions for free but that has to go through a lot of reviews before its published on our site. Also, about the link and the mention in the post. It will solely depend on our editor to call it a paid/sponsored post or a free one. As each article tone and link use will determine its possible chances of publication on thedailyheap. Also, many other factors like SEO optimization and content optimization will be considered before a final approval.

Q. What is your policy on Policy about dofollow, nofollow and sponsored links?

Ans. If you are a brand or a website trying to promote yourself with an article we will charge you a fixed amount of $40 for a link in the article body. All other links if suitable will be made nofollow for keeping the article SEO optimized.

Q. What kind of topics get approved easily?

Ans. Those which have not been covered on our site and are fresh in nature. Also, an article or topic trending in google trends would increase the chances of topic approval.

Q. Link exchanges are accepted for free publishing?

Ans. We do not accept link exchanges in most cases but if you site is worthy enough then we might consider this option too.

We tried to cover most of the frequently asked questions by the bloggers. Therefore, if anything is missing we will try to add it for better experience of our audience base. Let us know in the comments if anything is missing.

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